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Attorney Mark Arnecilla Teaches Continuing Education for 727 Funeral Directors

January 8, 2015

On October 28, 2014, CTM Legal Group attorney Mark Arnecilla taught continuing education classes for funeral directors in Teamsters Local 727. At the Park Ridge Teamsters office, Mr. Arnecilla used a Power Point and a question & answer portion to go over all the different aspects involved in estate planning. Having worked on hundreds of wills throughout his career, Mr. Arnecilla was able to draw from experience when explaining the processes involved in drafting and filing wills.  

His extensive understanding of the topic proved to be a useful resource for the funeral directors at the event. Knowledge of wills and estate planning was not only valuable for the attendees for their job fields, but also for their personal lives.  Drafting a will can often be a lengthy and confusing process.  Gaining a proper understanding of the process can definitely make things easier for everyone involved. 

The funeral directors in attendance are required to take a certain amount of continuing education in order to be well equipped for their jobs as policies and technology changes.  The attendees were happy to get knowledge of wills for their businesses and for their personal lives alike.  

Attorney Mark Arnecilla has a great deal of experience practicing law, but some may not know that he also has experience in the classroom as a teacher.  Mr. Arnecilla is an adjunct professor for Herald Washington College, which is one of the city colleges of Chicago.  For four years, Mr. Arnecilla has taught business courses and law courses to undergraduate students.  Mr. Arnecilla says one of the best parts about teaching is “getting students to see that there’s more to law than just criminal law.”   Mark Arnecilla works as Of Counsel for CTM Legal Group and provides exceptional legal assistance for wills, estate planning, and immigration matters.