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Chicago Tenants Get a Fair Shake Under the Fair Notice Ordinance

March 29, 2022

By Attorney Conor Grealish

As many renters in Chicago know, the end of a lease raises levels of anxiety. Tenants must ask themselves: will my landlord renew my lease? Will I have to pay more rent to stay in the neighborhood I have lived in for years? Or will I have time to find affordable housing? Luckily, the City of Chicago passed the Fair Notice Ordinance which provides Chicago renters some certainty when their lease term is about to end. The Fair Notice Ordinance amends the Chicago Residential Landlord and Tenant Ordinance and provides specific timelines for when a landlord may terminate a lease or raise rent.

For a tenancy that is less than six months, a landlord must provide a renter with 30 days’ notice to prior to terminating the lease or raising rent. Tenancies that last anywhere between six months and three years, require that the landlord provide at least 60 days’ notice. Finally, for tenancies that last over three years, a landlord must provide at least 120 days’ notice to the tenant before raising rent or terminating the lease. This is good news for tenants and affords Tenants the time they need to make the best possible decisions regarding their housing.

Unfortunately, some landlords will still attempt to increase rent or terminate a tenancy without notice and without reason. If your landlord is not following the requirements of the Fair Notice Ordinance, call CTM Legal Group and we can help enforce your rights as a tenant in Chicago.