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The CTM Legal Group offers a full-service legal practice for an interconnected world. The firm's focus on strong, cost-effective representation ensures that our clients become our partners and allows the firm to personalize service to meet client needs. Regardless of your matter, the attorneys at the CTM Legal Group can offer assistance through all steps of the legal process.

The CTM Legal Group is a diversified practice designed to meet the challenges of a modern world.  Our attorneys have experience in a wide variety of legal backgrounds.  With our diverse legal team and along with our network and alliance law firms, we zealously represent our clients in nearly every legal matter. 

We have assisted thousands of clients in individual claims and disputes.  The CTM Law Group also routinely represents businesses in litigation and daily legal needs.  We also represent unions and benefit funds in labor law and employee benefits law matters.  No matter your specific need or situation, our attorneys stand ready to assist you in the following areas:


Effective Counsel

The CTM Legal Group understands that our clients have diverse legal needs that require effective counsel.  Our attorneys also understand that whether our client is a working-class individual or a large multi-national corporation, effective counsel means more than competence. Our clients demand competence along with a holistic cost-effective approach.  

Our attorneys are skilled in a wide variety of legal disciplines, but that does not mean that our attorneys are “jacks of all trades.”  The legal environment is growing ever more complex and specialized. Our attorneys develop concentration specialties and work in a collaborative environment with their colleagues. This ensures that our clients get high quality representation from attorneys who understand the bigger picture of the client's need.  

We never accept a client unless we can provide best-in-class service. The attorneys at the CTM Legal Group ensure that our clients are in the best hands, even if we have to go outside the firm to our network or alliance law firms to find the best counsel for our clients.

Dedicated Service

The CTM Legal Group believes in empowering the client to make the right decision for them. Doing this requires two things:

First, as a matter of firm policy, all client communications are responded to within one business day. Clients cannot make informed decisions unless they know what is happening with their case. From the beginning, we have built our firm on a culture of responsiveness to our clients. In most cases we get back to our clients within four business hours. The firm strives so that no client has to wait more than 24 hours to receive a response.

Second, empowering the client requires putting them in the driver's seat. Far too many law firms push decisions on a client.  The CTM Law Group believes in providing the client the tools to decide what is best for them.

Worldwide Scope

Technology and globalization has changed the way everyone does business. We believe in bringing these changes to the legal profession. Our firm is dedicated to being at the forefront of a changing profession and using these advancements to bring the highest level of legal service at a lower cost than firms stuck in the past.    

The CTM Legal group has a network of offices and allied law firms throughout the United States and across the globe.  We utilize this network and coordinate with our clients to ensure that regardless of their needs, they receive competent, dedicated counsel while keeping costs low.

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At the CTM Legal Group, we focus on Commercial Litigation, Consumer Law, Corporate Law, Criminal Matters, Debt Defense & Bankruptcy, Family Law, Immigration, Labor & Employment, Municipal Law, Probate, Real Estate, Tenant’s Rights, Wills & Trusts, and Workers’ Compensation / Personal Injury and we are here to listen to you and help you navigate the legal system.

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