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CTM Legal Group Files to Foreclose 6-Unit Property After Landlord Ignores $80K Judgment

Posted by CTM Legal Group | Apr 05, 2024 | 0 Comments

CHICAGO, Ill. — CTM Legal Group has filed for foreclosure on a landlord's 6-unit rental property, an action currently pending, after the landlord failed to pay an over $80,000 judgment awarded to one of the firm's clients.

During the tenant's residency, the landlord allowed the property to deteriorate severely, with water damage to the ceiling, a hole in the wall exposing the unit to the outside elements, and other defects. The landlord also refused to refund the tenant's security deposit after they vacated.

After the landlord continuously rejected reasonable settlement offers to resolve the matter, CTM took the case to trial on behalf of their client. The result of the case was an $80,000 judgment against the landlord, which included over $10,000 for the tenant's damages and over $70,000 in attorney fees and costs incurred.

Despite the court's unequivocal ruling, the landlord has failed to satisfy the judgment, prompting CTM's foreclosure filing in December 2023 as a final recourse to enforce the decision and recover the money owed to their client. The foreclosure action is currently pending in December 2023 on a 6-unit rental property, an action currently pending.

"It's an extreme step that we hate to take, but this landlord has displayed a shocking disrespect for their legal responsibilities and the authority of the court system," said Bill Tasch, the lead CTM attorney on the case and managing partner. "With foreclosure, we're ensuring our client finally receives the justice they deserve."

CTM Legal Group has carved out a reputation taking on tough consumer rights cases that individual plaintiffs often cannot pursue alone against corporations and businesses. The firm has secured tens of millions of dollars for its clients over the years.  

"This case epitomizes why we exist – to protect ordinary people's rights when they are trampled on by wealthy individuals or entities who mistakenly think they can act with impunity," said Tasch. "We will not stop until our client has been fully compensated for the abuses they were forced to suffer."

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