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CTM Legal Group Wins Expungement for Reformed Client Over State's Objection

Posted by CTM Legal Group | Apr 05, 2024 | 0 Comments

CTM Legal Group Wins Expungement for Reformed Client Over State's Objection

CHICAGO, Ill. — CTM Legal Group secured an expungement for a client looking to move on from a past criminal record, overcoming vociferous objections from the Cook County State's Attorney's Office after providing compelling evidence of the person's genuine rehabilitation.

The client had made mistakes in his younger years that resulted in a criminal record. Despite turning his life around, the past offenses continued to hold him back from employment and other opportunities.

CTM filed for expungement on the client's behalf, but the State's Attorney objected. The firm put together a comprehensive mitigation package demonstrating the client's reformed character.

"Our client was a new man who had learned from his past transgressions and worked tirelessly to redeem himself," said CTM Partner Bradley Fuller, the lead attorney on the case. "We felt strongly he deserved a clean slate, so we fought hard to expunge his record over the state's opposition."

CTM paralegal Emma Tasch spearheaded compiling the mitigation materials, including supporting letters, employment information, community involvement and other proof of the client's reformation.

After reviewing the evidence, the judge complimented CTM's work and agreed the client had convincingly turned his life around. The court granted the expungement request over the objection.

"The judge saw what we saw – that our client had become a productive member of society who no longer deserved to be defined by past mistakes," Fuller said. "This expungement gives him a fresh start towards unlimited future potential."

CTM Legal Group has extensive experience representing clients with criminal records seeking expungements and other legal avenues to remove barriers and access new opportunities. The firm treats each case with individualized attention.

"So many people are held back by past transgressions despite showing they can contribute positively to society," said managing partner Bill Tasch. "We're proud to advocate tirelessly for second chances when warranted, as this successful expungement exemplifies."

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