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CTM Legal Group Welcomes the Alliance of Business Lawyers (ABL) to Chicago

Posted by CTM Legal Group | Oct 01, 2022 | 0 Comments

CTM Legal Group was proud to host the 43rd General Assembly Meeting for the Alliance of Business Lawyers (ABL) in Chicago, Illinois from September 28 – October 1, 2022.  The 45 delegates from 22 different member firms gathered in the Windy City, along with representatives from the Chicago business community.  Delegates from across the country arrived for the event, as well as representatives from other continents, including countries like Brazil, Turkey, Germany, United Kingdom, and others all around the globe. 

Alliance of Business Lawyers (ABL) is known for its global association of top business law firms from around the world.  The combined experience of the association and international expertise make it an essential resource for its members and their communities.  Their focus on diverse membership allows them to share knowledge and insight that would otherwise be inaccessible.  The General Assembly Meetings allow the association to meet in person, network and exchange their insight to enrich the local business law community and global legal community alike.

Delegates and other participants presented information on a variety of content involving business law.  Topics like technology, local investments, tips for legal representation, new developments, and communication techniques for their peers. 

There were even a few presentations given by attorneys from CTM Legal Group.  CTM Legal Group Partner Joe Coli led a section on the “Technology Landscape in US” where he and other panelists discussed new technological developments in the business law world.  He was joined by panelists Carmen Olmetti from LinkedIn and Colin O'Donnel from Amazon Freight in the discussion.

CTM Legal Group Partner Jon Magna also led a section for the event.  Jon Magna's presentation and debate titled “Building in Chicago – TIF Districts” discussed the Tax Increment Financing districts involved in business law.  Rudy Magna and John Fritchey assisted Jon Magna in the discussion. 

The event proved to be a success for all the attendees that joined it from the Chicago community along with the attendees who joined from the other side of the world. The attorneys from CTM Legal Group were grateful for the opportunity to provide a venue for this exchange of information and ideas.  Both the CTM Legal Group attendees and the other guests hope this event provided a better understanding of the Chicago community and will contribute to a better practice for attorneys and clients alike.

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